KAZM, Sedona’s Local Radio Station

For local Sedona news & weather, national and world news, sports and talk radio, tune in to KAZM, 780 AM.

With air-shift personalities Shawn Helton, Bob Livsey, Leigh Head, Freddy Raven, Robinette Tabback, Mike Tabback, J.R. Ricketts, Courtney King, Barry Carollo and Tom Tayback you get a constant dose of local flare, local wit …..local feel. The music is a mix of best hits from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s to current chart toppers. Want to make a request? Call KAZM at 282-4154. You can’t do that with a station that pipes in it’s music from a service in Timbuktu. Want to know what the local weather is going to be like? You can hear it 3 times hourly on KAZM. Want to know what the road conditions are, or if the schools are open during a storm? You can get it on KAZM.